Blogger, Excel and Embedded Spreadsheet Test

Here is what an embedded spreadsheet should look like (See below) First you need to import the your Excel Spreadsheet into a Google Spreadsheet. To do that Goto Click the New button and select file upload Select your Excel File from you hard disk and wait for the upload to finish You should now see your new imported spreadsheet in your list of Google Documents. Double-Click on it to open it Now you need to to embed it. At the top, click File and then Publish to the web. In the window that appears, click Embed. Click Publish. Copy the code in the text box and paste it into your site or blog. Make sure you are in HTML tab of your Blogger Editor. To show or hide parts of the spreadsheet, edit the HTML on your site or blog. gid=: The sheet ID. range=: The rows and columns that are published to the web. For example, A1:B14. widget=: True or false. If true, the sheet tab is displayed at the bottom. headers=: True or false. If true, row numbers